What does the brand studio look like? 

Welcome to Studio 1, this is our main studio space that adjoins to Studio 2.
White floors and walls are throughout, and we have a two walls with decorative moldings for a more refined look and neutral decor create an ideal space for your creative projects.

Hand-picked furnishings and accessories in neutral creamy whites and soft wood tones flawlessly tie everything together. 

There are huge floor to ceiling windows in the front of the studio space and the light carried throughout the 1000 square foot space.

Creamy whites, soft textures, natural wood tones and some fun design accessories! 



The look of TBS

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Brand Session by
 The branded boss lady 

holiday minis by
 leslie paige photography

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Engagement session by
Kayla tuckerman photography

Motherhood sessions by
 Johanna Oaks Photography 

Bridal Shoot by
Kristen Weaver photography 

Family session by
Rooted love photography 

30th birthday session by 
Angelika Krug Photography 

BOUDIOR sessions by
Jennifer holly photography 

MORE sessions coming soon! 

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