The studio is a perfect spot to get out of the heat and humidity of the hot Florida days but have that perfect natural light for all your sessions.
We DO NOT allow cake smash sessions in the studio. 

Absolutely, that is the entire main purpose for this new studio space. I will be renting to maternity, newborn, family, boudoir, wedding/engagement and portrait photographers. At this time we are NOT renting the studio for branding/commercial photography.. 
 We do not rent for branding/commercial photography because this is the studio owners main source of business.

 To keep the cohesiveness of my brand and fairness to my clients over at my other business The Branded Boss Lady I will not be renting out the studio at this time to keep the look of the studio exclusive to my brand photography clients.

Yes, you can use the studio so it best suits your needs. Almost everything in the space is lightweight and can be moved where needed. We ask that you pick up the furniture to move it instead of dragging since we have all white floors and it will scuff the surface. We also have sliders available to move larger furniture like the couch and dining table.

Children are allowed in the studio but MUST always have parental supervision. We do not have a space for children to play. We do have breakables in the studio so we ask that you move those to a table top or out of reach from children.

We do require you to have liability insurance to shoot in the studio , if you do not have any, no worries, you can purchase some from and they have daily coverage for a very reasonable price. 

Yes! This is a 1000 square-foot space that can host up to 12 people. Perfect for workshops, retreats, baby showers, bridal showers and more!

You can! I will have half and full day rentals available for this purpose. Pricing is below. 

While the purpose of this space is to have a place for the creative community to gather and photographers to shoot.
This will not be a designated office space but it is a great space for hosting meetings with your clients.

We rent the studio out hourly, in half and full days with weekend and weekday availability. 

Weekday rates (Monday through Thursday) 
 $80 HOURLY with a 2 hour minimum

Weekend rates (Friday-Sunday)
$95 HOURLY with a 2 hour minimum

Styled Sets rates
$110 per 60 minute session

Due to cost, I don’t foresee changing out furniture but, I we will have a new themed Styled Set once every quarter so that people can get fresh content and be able to build their portfolios.

YES, this is absolutely a fantastic idea! Over the holiday we rented out to over 150 photographers that photographed over 500 mini sessions in the studio!! 

Cancellation- we do not offer cancellations, only rescheduling on Studio 1 rentals.

Studio 2 (Styled Sets) cannot be rescheduled due to the nature of the limited availability and timeframe of these sets.

 Studio 1 Rescheduling- there will not be a fee charged for the first lifetime rental rescheduled date.  We do however charge a $30 reschedule fee for any reschedule dates over the first one in the lifetime of rentals. Meaning if you have another appointments that you need to reschedule in your lifetime of rentals we will send you a $30 fee invoice.

If your shoot is in 24 hours or less and you need to cancel or rescheduling your session is non-refundable. You will receive an email 48 and 24 hours prior to your scheduled rental time. Only one rescheduled date will be approved, each reschedule after is a $30 fee.

FAQS & Most asked Questions

What kind of photo shoots are allowed in the studio?

Can photographers rent the studio?

Are we allowed to move furniture?

Are children allowed in the studio?

Can I host a workshop or class in the space?

Can I do a styled shoot in the studio?

Can I work out of this space?

What prices are the hourly/half day, full day fees?

Are other brand or commercial photographers allowed to shoot in the space?

 Will you be changing out furniture and decor on a regular basis?


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can i photograph my holiday sessions or mini sessions here? 

Do we need liability insurance?

What is your refund/cancellation policy?? 

Here are some of the most asked questions I have received so far.

What is the address of the studio?

We are at 2520 North Ronal Reagan Blvd. Longwood,  Florida 32750.
Suite 140 for Studio 1
Suite 132 for Studio 2


meet the owner 


The look of TBS

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The look of TBS

Rental info